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It Ain’t Passover, So… Why Am I Eating Macaroons?!?

Lily Bloom’s Kitchen won a 2010 Best New Product award at this year’s Kosherfest. Intrigued that a specialty Passover product should be deemed that good, when it’s not even close to Pessach, I decided to try the company’s confections. When I saw a heretofore unfamiliar hechsher symbol on the boxes…I went over to the CRC booth to inquire about this symbol I was told that Blue Ribbon Kosher‘s Administrator is Rabbi Baruch Meir Clein, from Minneapolis, MN  and that its hechsherim are reliable and fully accepted by the CRC.

Small, but very good

I’ve never been a macaroon fan, and the few times I’ve condescended to have one or two were only on Passover, if… nothing else was available. These were good, however!

Lily Bloom’s Kitchen was founded in Minneapolis in 2009, by Larry Shiller to honor his mother who had just died at the age of 98. Why the macaroons? As the Minneapolis – St. Paul Star Tribune put it this past July 18th:

Of all the chocolate-laden treats Larry Shiller remembers his mother making, her chocolate macaroons were his very favorite.

[…] Shiller rediscovered his mother’s macaroion recipe in a box of recipes he sent to his wife shortly after he moved to Minnesota.

After developing additional flavors and going into production, he now hopes to get national recognition and distribution for his macaroons. He envisions one day opening Lily Bloom’s Kitchen storefronts around the country…

The macaroons retail for $12.95 to $14.95. They come in four assortments, each sold by the dozen:

  • White Chocolate and Raspberry Collection
  • Premier Assortment (4 All Chocolate, 4 Chocolate/Cherry and 4 Chocolate/Orange)
  • Chocolate Spice Assortment (6 All Chocolate and 6 Chocolate/Cinnamon)
  • Nutty Assortment (4 Chocolate/Almond, 4 Chocolate/Walnut, 4 Chocolate/Peanut Butter)

I liked their White Chocolate/Raspberry Collection a lot (they paired perfectly with the dessert wine we were sipping!) and can’t wait until these delicacies make their way to the local shelves here in Brooklyn.



Kosherfest: Day 2

We went back to Kosherfest yesterday and once again it did not disappoint. Interesting products were abundant, a lot of the old classics were improved and there quite a few new ideas as well.

One delicious variation on an old classic was this frozen pizza by Mor Fun Foods

Tastes fresh, not frozen!

Next we passed by Toobro, a distributor of the Golan brand of cheeses, Morning Select, Spreads Instead, Emes, etc., etc., We will, be’ezras Hashem, do a more in-depth review of their products over the next few weeks.

Toobro's portfolio of brands...

Products we got to taste within Toobro‘s lines included a delicious Roaster Garlic and Herbs by Spread Instead. Spread Instead products are succulent blends of gourmet cream cheese, herbs, etc.  Frankly, we couldn’t enough of it… Superb, excellent, delicious… none of these words do actual justice to the taste


Next we visited Lily Bloom’s Kitchen. The owner, Larry Shiller, took his mother’s recipe for delicious macaroons (I’ve never been a fan of macaroons, but these were good!!!), in various flavors: Chocolate, White Chocolate and Raspberry, Chocolate/Almond, Chocolate/Walnut, Chocolate/Peanut Butter, Chocolate/Cinnamon, Chocolate/Cherry, and Chocolate/Orange.

Winner of Kosherfest 2010 Best New Product

Next we passed by the Kedem Marketplace pavillion…

Partial views of Royal Wine Corporations huge selection of wines and liquors

Being an unabashed, uncompromising cheese lover, I was truly excited to see Israel’s Seyman company bringing its huge selection of European made cheeses from such famous names as La Cremerie, Coeur de Lion, St. Maure, Bresse Bleu, etc. I can’t wait for them to find an American distributor…

I can't wait for the moment I walk in to kosher supermarket and pick up a Manchego!

Organic Traditions, had some very interesting items:

Cacao Nibs, Vanilla Poda, Goji Berries, dried Apricots and so much more

Finally I was ready for the talk of show, the pièce de résistance, something quite a few celebrities kept on going back to time and again (don’t worry I won’t name you, you know who you are!)… Jack’s Gourmet Sausages.

Dr. Bronner - Jack's Gourmet's co-owner and some of those incredible sausages or what was left of them...

Frankly, there were quite a few more items we loved and we’ll review some of them in-depth over the next few weeks. All in all, we were excited by what we saw and tasted. Kosher is no longer just gefilte, kasha, or brisket, kosher wine is far beyond Extra Sweet Malaga or Extra Sweet Concord… we now have world class selections!


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